Business and Innovation

Languages - global business

The Worldwise Learning Centre actively seeks to engage with the local community including businesses and schools to encourage the promotion of languages and culture.

Worldwise Business Services is dedicated to offering support, training and professional development opportunities to business, organisations and individuals, who are aspiring to enhance their international capabilities through the development of competences in languages and cross-cultural communication.

Worldwise Business Services can offer:

  • advice on linguistic and cultural requirements for projects and personal development
  • cross-cultural awareness training and country-specific cultural briefings, eg bespoke Spanish session for RBS Managers
  • intercultural and linguistic communication skills development
  • CPD courses for professional linguists
  • translation of print and online materials
  • specialist equipment and training facilities, eg interpreting suite

Examples of Knowledge Transfer and Enterprise projects:

  • Guest speakers from local business (e.g. Lifeline Language Services)
  • Collaboration with HSBC Lancashire in the area of engaging the local business community
  • Work placement team finding real world projects and placements for languages students in local businesses
  • Language Services Employee forum

Commercial Services

We offer a range of paid-for services designed to help you achieve your international goals. From translation of emails, brochures or websites, to customised country briefings helping you get the most out of your overseas trip. We have a pool of talented multi-lingual students available to local businesses for translation jobs, meeting and greeting visitors, interpreting at meetings and social functions, making and receiving international calls, briefings on their country, culture and customs.

Check out our leading edge simultaneous interpreting suites and international teleconferencing facilities. We have departments dedicated to French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic and support 18 languages in various ways.

Languages and Training

The University welcomes its role in assisting organisations to achieve their international goals. We are expert in designing and delivering a wide range of customised language services. We run half or full day briefing workshops on cultural and country specific topics and offer a variety of practical conferences, lectures and presentations throughout the year. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

We also offer a flexible programme of scheduled language courses - you can learn one of 12 languages on our classroom-based Applied Languages Programme or one of a variety of languages via our Rosetta Stone language learning software supplemented with face-to-face conversation classes. Languages available include: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English (UK & USA), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.