Interview and Audition Days

Interview Days

Some of our courses invite applicants for a selection event as part of the application process. This may be an interview or audition depending on the course you have applied for.

Due to the growing number of cases of coronavirus in the UK and following Public Health England guidance we have cancelled all physical interview events on campus and offer telephone interviews instead. If however you’ve been affected by these unfortunate circumstances and cannot participate in a telephone interview, please get in touch with the team on and we will make alternative arrangements.

You will be sent instructions by email on how to book your selection event. If you applied by the 15 January UCAS equal consideration date, you will need to ensure you book an interview event that takes place before the end of April.

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Preparing for your interview or audition

We have put together some guidance to help you prepare for your visit. You can find guidance specific to your course using the dropdown course list below. If you need any further information that is not covered in the guidance document, please email us at, quoting your name, interview time and/or your student registration number.

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Interview guidance by course