Janet Read

Prof. Janet Read

Professor in Child Computer Interaction

School of Physical Sciences and Computing

Computing and Technology Building, CM212

+44 (0) 1772 89 3285


Subject Areas: Computing

Janet Read is a Professor in Child Computer Interaction and is the Director of the Child Computer Interaction (ChiCI) research group at UCLan. Internationally known for her work on designing and evaluating technologies for children as well as for her work on text input with digital ink, Prof. Read manages research grants and research students, teaches research methods and advanced HCI and contributes to SET activities in local schools.

Prof. Read is research active within the area of computing. She is a member of the Games and Gaming Research Group.

Full Profile

Prof. Read joined the University in the late 1990s having previously worked as a Maths teacher in the secondary school sector. With her change of career she undertook a PhD in handwriting recognition, children and the writing process, and this led her into the research areas that she now populates; namely interaction design for children and general HCI in the area of writing and novel technologies.

Her work with children as users of interactive technology helped to define a new research field and she has authored over 70 articles in the area of child computer interaction. She is chair of the International IFIP TC13 SIG on Interaction Design and Children and the Child Computer Interaction Community Chair for the prestigious ACM CHI Conference series. She has co-authored a key Elsevier text on Evaluating Children’s Technologies.

In the areas of novel interactive technologies, much of her work has also focussed on children, especially on technologies that support the writing process. Her work on digital ink and children is especially well known and she has a long time collaboration with Vision Objects in France, a company specialising in delivering handwriting recognition solutions.

At UCLan, Prof. Read directs the ChiCI group and acts as a PI on several European and Research Council projects. Recent projects include UMSIC (EU FP7), SELEAG (EU LLLP), and Mad4Nrg (RCUK).

Authored Books
[1] Markopoulos, P., Read, J. C., MacFarlane, S. J, and J Hoysniemi, (2008) Evaluating Interactive Products with and for Children, San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (Contribution by Read = 45%)

Volumes Edited
[2] Markopoulos, P., Read, J. C., MacFarlane, S. J, and J Hoysniemi, Eds (2007) Child Computer Interaction – Research Methodology, Special Edition of Computers Technology and Work

[3] Beale, R., Engelfield, P, Read, J. C. and W Wong, Eds. (2006) HCI Educators “The Yellow Book”, Proceedings HCIE2006, London, UK

More publications


BSc, Mathematics, University of Manchester

PGCE (Secondary Education), University of Lancaster

PhD (Child Computer Interaction), UCLan


Member British HCI Group (since 2001)

Member ACM (since 2003)

Member ACM SigChi (since 2005)

Member EARLI (since 2005)

Member British Computer Society (since 2007)


Critical Analysis

Advanced Topics in HCI

Interaction Design and Evaluation


Doctoral Research Students
Faisal Hanif - The use of WWW for Transplant Patients – completed 2008
Gavin Sim - The usability of Computer Assisted Assessment – completed 2010
Emanuela Mazzone - Requirements gathering for museum interfaces – to be examined 2011
Diana Xu - Tangible Interfaces for Children – examined 2010 awaiting revisions
Akiyo Kano - Text input and dyslexic users – to be examined 2011
Matt Horton - Multi layered Interfaces for Children – to be examined 2013
Jamin Xu – Harmonious Interfaces Design – completed 2010

Invited Seminars and Talks
2009 – ‘Children as Designers – Myth or Reason’, Middlesex University, London
2009 – ‘Fun 4 – Usability 0’, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
2008 – ‘Women and media’, UKRC. UK
2007 – ‘Fun in the User Interface’, University of York, Toronto
2007 – ‘Participation’, Reykjavik University, Iceland
2007 – ‘HCI for Children’, Birmingham University, UK
2006 – ‘Hands up if you like it’ Taking Fun Seriously, Technical University of Eindhoven, NL
2006 – ‘Mightier than the Mouse’, Technical University of Eindhoven, NL
2006 – ‘In the Playground’ Northumbria University
2003 – ‘Research with Children in HCI’ Bath University
2002 – Child Computer Interaction, Tampere, Finland

Best Reviewer; Interacting with Computers (Elsevier) 2009
Outstanding Contribution to Science Engineering and Technology; SETPoint, 2008
Harris Award for Excellence 2008
Harris Award for Excellence 2004
Best Long Paper; HCI 2004
Best Poster; CAL 2001

External Responsibilities / Consultancy
Vice Chair, International IFIP TC13 SIG on Interaction Design and Children
Membership Chair, British HCI Group
Usability consultant to Vision Objects, France
SETPOINT Science Ambassador to schools
Member MentorSET

Reviewing and Journal Editing
Associate Editor International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (since 2008)
Reviewer International Journal of Human Computer Studies (since 2008)
Reviewer: Interacting with Computers (since 2005)
Reviewer: International Journal of Human Computer Interaction (since 2006)
Reviewer: Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Work (since 2007)
Reviewer for several major conferences including: ACM CHI, ACM UIST, ACM CSCW, ACM Nordichi, ACM IDC, BCS HCI, IFIP Interact (since 2003)
Reviewer EPSRC (since 2006)


General chair or Programme chair
Programme co-chair, HCIEd2010, Eindhoven, NL
Demo and Interactive Experiences chair, Interact 2009, Uppsala, Sweden
Associate chair, IDC2009, Lake Come, Italy
Posters chair, Fun and Games 2008, Eindhoven, NL
Student paper chair, HCI2008, Liverpool. UK
Student paper chair, HCI2007, Lancaster, UK 
Doctoral Consortium Chair. IDC2007, Aarlborg, Denmark
Programme co-chair: HCIEd 2006, Limerick, Ireland.
Co-chair: HCIEd Workshop 2006, London, UK
General chair: Fun and Games 2006, Preston, UK.
Tutorials and Workshops chair, IDC 2005, Boulder, Colorado, US
General co-chair: Pen Workshop, held at HCI2005, Edinburgh, Scotland, U
General co-chair; HCIEd Workshop 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
General co-chair: HCIEd 2004, Preston, UK .

Conferences organised
Fun and Games 2006, Preston, UK.
Interaction Design and Children, IDC 2003, Preston, UK.

Workshops, Tutorials, and SIGs organised 
Read, J. C., Markopoulos, P., Pares, N., Hourcade, J P and Antle, A N. (2008): Child Computer Interaction. Special Interest Group (SIG) organised at ACM CHI 2008. pp. 2419-2422.

Höysniemi, J. and Read, J. C. (2005), Wizard of Oz with Children - ethical dilemmas and experiences from the field, IDC2005, Boulder, Colorado.

Markopoulos, P., Höysniemi, J., Read, J., and MacFarlane, S. (2005), Workshop: Child Computer Interaction: Methodological Research. In Buono, P., Costabile, M. F., Paternó, F., Santoro, C. I, (Eds.) Interact (2005) Communicating Naturally with Computers, Adjunct Proceedings, Edizioni Giuseppe Laterza, p95-96.

Read, J. C. and Gray, P. (2005), Workshop: Improving and Assessing Pen-Based Input Techniques. HCI2005, Edinburgh, Scotland

MacFarlane, S. J., Read, J.C., Höysniemi, J. and Markopoulos, P. (2004) Evaluating Interactive Products for and with Children; Tutorial presented at CHI2004, Vienna, Austria

MacFarlane, S. J., Read, J.C., Höysniemi, J. and Markopoulos, P. (2004) Evaluating Interactive Products for and with Children; Tutorial presented at IDC2004, Maryland, USA

MacFarlane, S., J. Read, J. Höysniemi and P. Markopoulos (2004), Tutorial: Evaluating Interactive Products for and with Children. HCI2004, Leeds, UK.

McManus, B. and Read, J. (2004), 7th Educators Workshop: Effective Teaching and Training in University of Central Lancashire, LTSN Press. ISBN: 0954192753.

MacFarlane, S. J., Read, J.C., Höysniemi, J. and Markopoulos, P. (2003) Evaluating Interactive Products for and with Children; Tutorial presented at Interact 2003, Zurich, Switzerland


2010 – 13 RCUK Mad4Nrg ‘Taking on the Teenagers’ (£1.5M - £400K to UCLan)
2009 -11 EU Lifelong Learning SELEAG (£250K - £50K to UCLan)
2008 -11 EU FP7 UMSIC (£1.5M - £180K to UCLan)
2007 - 09 HEFCE £46K Urban Regeneration (with Dr Pam Qualter, UCLan)
2006 Microsoft / HE Academy £5K for CraSh project
2005 LDDA £150K. Broadband Enabled Activities for Museums
2003 LTSN £2K Flesca – Flexible Assessment