Prof. Lynn Froggett

Professor of Psychosocial Welfare, Director of PRU

School of Social Work, Care and Community

Harrington Building, HA106

+44 (0) 1772 89 3472

Lynn Froggett is Professor of Psychosocial Welfare, with academic background in both the Humanities (History and Philosophy) and Social Sciences (Sociology and Social Policy). She pursued a career in social work practice and management before joining the University of Central Lancashire in 1993. The distinctive profile of the Psychosocial Research Unit reflects her interests in trans-disciplinary approaches to the arts and humanities, psychoanalytic studies and the applied social sciences.

External Activities

PhD supervision

Legislative and policy change in children and families services (Annie Huntington, completed)

Health and welfare issues in the transgender community (Christine Hartley, completed)

Experiences of mental illness among older Pakistanis (Nazir Hussain, completed)

Personal biography and stress in Mental Health Nurses (Robert Little, completed)

Legislative and policy change in professional social work (Jane Heyes, completed)

Biographical study of substance abuse (Jane Graham, completed)

The meaning of local area regeneration for older people’s lives (Stefanie Buckner, in progress)


Froggett, L., Manley, J. and Roy, A. (2015) The Visual Matrix Method: Imagery and Affect in a Group-based research setting, Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 16, 3, Art 6

Froggett, L. (2014) Community, Communitarianism and Displacement Anxiety in (eds) M. Fotaki and K. Kenny Psychosocial and Organisation Studies: Affect at Work, 241-262, London: Palgrave

Froggett, L. and Trustram, M. (2014) Object Relations in the Museum: A Psychosocial Perspective, Museum Management and Curatorship, 29 – 5 DOI: 10.1080/09647775.2014.957481

More publications

Full Profile

Lynn Froggett’s research and scholarship draws on an extensive experience of clinical practice and perspectives from the social sciences, history, philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, applied psychoanalytic theory and gender studies. Her publications reflect these interests. In Love, Hate and welfare: psychosocial approaches to policy and practice (Froggett 2002, Policy Press) she developed a distinctively psychosocial and psychosocietal approach to the changing relationships between professionals, managers and people who use the services provided by welfare organisations. In attempting to link social responsibility to a social imagination she laid theoretical groundwork for an alliance between social welfare, health and the cultural sector. Much of her subsequent empirical research has centred on the relationship between the socially engaged arts and wellbeing, and the role of cultural activity in health, welfare and restorative justice.

Recent and current empirical research interests have included the use of biography and art in community work; the development of narrative, biographical and arts-based evaluation and research methodologies; creative interventions in restorative justice; the relationship between the arts, physical and mental health and wellbeing; the contribution of museums and new model arts institutions to individual and social change; creative social enterprises. As Director of PRU she has supervised projects on youth, knife crime and vandalism, substance abuse and cultural variables affecting organ donation. She has also supervised and examined a number of PhD programmes on topics which have included: spirituality and substance abuse, older pakistanis and mental health, transexuality, older people and regeneration, stress and mental health nursing, managerialism and social services, implementation of children and families legislation and biographical narratives of substance abuse.


As a qualified social worker with specialist experience of both children and families services and mental health, Lynn Froggett has maintained links with the profession. She is joint editor (with Professor Stephen Briggs of the Tavistock/University of East London) of the international Journal of Social Work Practice which has a specialist profile in relationship based and psychodynamic approaches in social welfare, health and allied professions. The Journal is associated with an initiative to promote practice near research methods following an ESRC funded seminar series (2007-2009). She also been commissioning editor for a Venture Press Millenium Series. She continues to teach a core Psychosocial Studies course for the BA and MA in Social Work.

Lynn Froggett has a particular interest in the development of psychosocial and psychosocietal approaches to policy and practice, and is a founder member of the IRGPSA (International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis), of NP3 (The Network for Psychosocial Approaches to Practice and Policy) and of the UK Psychosocial Network. She has been guest Professor at the University of Stavanger (Norway) and the University of Roskilde (Denmark) and is currently collaborating visiting professor with the Centre for Social Enterprise, University of Roskilde.