Prof. Nicola Graham-Kevan

Professor of Criminal Justice Psychology

School of Psychology

Darwin Building, DB111

+44 (0) 1772 89 3726

Subject Areas: Psychology

Nicola is a Professor of Criminal Justice Psychology.

Full Profile

Nicola is an active researcher in the field of criminal justice and wellbeing and is a member of the Quality of Life Research Group. She is UCLan’s lead for Aggression Research within the Criminal Justice Partnership. Nicola has led a number of externally funded research projects and evaluations. She is internationally recognised as an expert on domestic violence and coercive control and is frequently asked to deliver presentations and training nationally and internationally.

Her research interests include the impact of psychological trauma, violence perpetration and victimisation, behaviour change programmes, sexual offending, emotion dysregulation, and adverse childhood experiences.

If you would be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. under Nicola's supervision please contact her via email in the first instance

Clinical Experience to date

Nicola has been developing and delivering behaviour change programmes since 2007. She is an author of:

  • Inner Strength domestic violence perpetrator programme which is currently being delivered across England in the community and HMP.
  • Inner Peace domestic violence victims programme which is being delivered in the community in Blackpool and Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Rewind and Strengthen which is a trauma-informed sexual offender programme developed with funds from the Police Innovation Fund which is piloting in HMP.
  • Positive Futures Offender which is currently delivered by Cumbria and Lancashire’s Community Rehabilitation Company and Liverpool Community Rehabilitation Company.
  • Positive Futures Youth which is currently delivered by the Lancashire Youth offending Team.
  • Positive Futures Family which is currently being delivered via Oldham Local Authority.

Forensic Professional Training

  • Trained crisis negotiator (2010)
  • Trained in cognitive skills programme Thinking Minds (2009)
  • Trained in Life Minus Violence treatment programme (2007)
  • Trained in violence risk assessment using the HCR-20 (2007)
  • Trained in stalking risk assessment using the BSafer (2006)
  • Trained in domestic violence risk assessment using the SARA (2006)
  • Trained in psychopathy assessment using the PCL-R (2005)


  • 2007 MSc Forensic , Psychology
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • 2004 PhD, University of Central Lancashire
  • 1997 BSc Psychology with Law, University of Central Lancashire

External Positions


Selected publications in the past 5 years

Brooks, M., Graham-Kevan, N., Robinson, S., & Lowe, M. (2019). Trauma characteristics and posttraumatic growth: The mediating role of avoidance coping, intrusive thoughts, and social support. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 11(2), 232–238. (Supplemental)

Parkes, R., Graham-Kevan, N., & Bryce, J. (2018). "You don't see the world through the same eyes any more": The Impact of sexual offence work on Police staff. The Police Journal 

Machado, A., Santos, A., Graham-Kevan, N., & Matos, M. (2017). Exploring help seeking experiences of male victims of female perpetrators of IPV. Journal of Family Violence, 32(5), 513–523. 

Bates, E. A., Archer, J., & Graham, K. N. (2017). Do the same risk and protective factors influence aggression toward partners and same‐sex others? Aggressive Behavior, 43(2), 163–175.

Bates, E., & Graham-Kevan, N (2016). Is the presence of control related to help-seeking behavior?  A Test of Johnson’s Assumptions Regarding Sex-Differences and the Role of Control in Intimate Partner Violence. Partner Abuse: An International Journal, 7, 3-25.

Graham-Kevan,, N., Brooks, M., Willan, VJ., Lowe, M., Robinson, P., Khan, R, Stokes, R, Irving, M., Karwacka, M. & Bryce, J. (2015). Repeat victimisation, retraumatisation and victim vulnerability. Open Criminology Journal, 8, 36-48

Tiwari, A., Fong, D.Y.T., Chan, E.K.L., Yan, E.C.W., Lam, G.L.L., Tang, D.H.M., Kuk, P.L., & Graham-Kevan (2014). Evaluating the Chinese Revised Controlling Behaviors Scale (C-CBS-R). Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

More publications

Externally funded projects

2018-2020 Evaluating Lancashire’s Victims’ Services. Funded by the Office of Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s. PI Nicola Graham-Kevan, Jez Butler, Rachel Robbins, Kim McGuire, Neil Smith

2018-2019 Evaluating Cheshire’s Victim Services. Funded by the Office of Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner PI Nicola Graham-Kevan, Jez Butler, Rachel Robbins, Kim McGuire

2018 Systematic review of interventions for victims of sexual assault. Funded by Police Innovation funds via Greater Manchester Police and Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office PI Nicola Graham-Kevan, Matt Brooks

2017-2018 ACCORD: Research into under researched types of sexual offenders (female, acquaintance rapists, online-contact offenders). Funded by Police Innovation grant from for Greater Manchester Combined Authority. PI Nicola Graham-Kevan, Matt Brooks, Jo Bryce, Sarah Shorrock, VJ Willan, Abi Thornton,

2017-2018 Evaluation of the Change Project for adult male sexual offenders who have a history of childhood trauma. Funded by Police Innovation grant from for Greater Manchester Combined Authority. PI Nicola Graham-Kevan & Matt Brooks

2015-2017 Evaluating the STRIVE domestic abuse victim revisit project. Funded by Police Innovation grant from Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office. Nicola Graham-Kevan & Alasdair Robertson

2013-2019 Evaluating Lancashire and Cumbria Community Rehabilitation Company’s Domestic Violence Specified Activity Requirement. Funded by Cumbria and Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company. PI Nicola Graham-Kevan

2012: Assessing Vulnerable Victims of Violent Crime. Funded by EU Action Grants (Criminal Justice) in collaboration with Lancashire Constabulary.

2010: Evaluation of Social Marketing Intervention and Service for Male Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Hull. Funded by Hull NHS Trust. PI Nicky Stanley, Nicola Graham-Kevan, Rachel Borthwick & Liz Newbronner. 

2009 Evaluation of long-term violence treatment programme.  Funded by Mersey Care NHS Trust Research and Development Grant.  PI Nicola Graham-Kevan & PI Jane L. Ireland.

2008: Project Title: A Scoping study of the Psychological Needs of a Cohort of Prisoners within the North of England. Funded by HMP North West.

2006: Proactive and reactive motivations for non-sexual aggression. Funded by Mersey Care NHS Trust Research and Development Grant.   (PI Jane L.Ireland, Nicola Graham-Kevan and John Archer).