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smart materials

The UCLan Research Centre for Smart Materials is a cross-disciplinary network focusing on innovative and meaningful applications of smart materials* such as graphene, nanocomposites, films, fibres, biomaterials, alloys, and gels.

The network consists of engineers, designers and economists as well as material and social scientists assembled from four UCLan faculties:

The application of our research and these materials will address the major challenges for society in key areas of:

  • Energy  - graphene composites, ionic liquids, nanomaterials, nuclear fuel and 3D printing
  • Environment - MIP technology, sensors, magnetic nanoparticles, biomaterials and graphene composites
  • Healthcare - Microbial biofilms, Antimicrobial resistance, functionalised antibiotics, drug delivery, overcoming biological barriers, nanomedicine, self assembly, lipid nanoparticles and 3D printing
  • Mobility - 3D printed Exo-Skeleton for recovery, and graphene composites
  • Waste management - degradable plastics, nuclear fuel, nanomaterials and 3D printing

Our thematic interdisciplinary approach provides a vibrant and active research environment that has attracted a variety of external organisations, industry and other academic institutions to collaborate and accrue the benefits from our research activities.

We have established sponsorships for our research, formed collaborations and have a portfolio of research seminars that everyone is welcome to attend and details of which will be added to this page.

There are around 50 academics and postgraduate research students involved in our Centre.  The Management Team are:


Society for Functional Nanomaterials Academy - Virtual Industry Forum and Networking Event, 14 to 16 July 2020

This is the second international symposium following the success of the first International symposium in March 2016 as a part of our on-going UKIERI project dissemination activity.

This symposium aims to bring general public and policy makers in addition to researchers from academic and industrial organisations together on a single platform.

Find out more on the conference webpage.

*Smart Materials, are materials that respond in a positive manner to their environment and changes to their environment.

Professor Harry Eccles

Professor Harry Eccles
Centre Director

Professor Adrian Friend

Professor Adrian Friend
Centre Deputy Director

Smart Materials

Smart Materials