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We can’t wait to welcome our new students in September and here at UCLan we are determined to provide the best experience for you in the coming months and to make sure you’re a valued part of our UCLan community!

We’ll be using the full range of teaching options to support you to start your course in September, from online classes to simulated sessions, from interactive face-to-face seminars to smaller lectures. The structure, content and course assessments will not change unless this is absolutely necessary due to COVID-19. This means that the qualification and award you receive at the end of your course will remain the same. So whilst this year might not be what any of us expected, we are doing all we can to give you the best university experience possible.

We know you'll be thinking about the future so we want to reassure you that we’re continually working on what will work for you in these challenging times that we are facing together. We’ve been thinking about questions that you may have and have tried to answer these below.

Coming to the University of Central Lancashire as a new or returning student this September? This video explains what your arrival and return to campus will look like.

Will my course go ahead as planned in September?

We’re planning for all our courses to start in September, although their delivery may look a little different this year. We are in the process of confirming the details of what September learning will look like for each course. We are planning that this will be a blend of online learning and face-to-face learning, where safe and necessary to do so. We will share updates on our information page for prospective students and applicants.

Can I delay the start of my course?

We’re planning for all our courses to start in September and we will be keeping all applicants up to date on what their options are over the coming weeks and months.

Can I start my studies remotely and then attend campus once the pandemic subsides?

We’re planning how we deliver teaching for September, the arrangements for each course will be slightly different based on the requirements for that subject area - so we’ll share more information with you in the coming weeks and months about the options and plans for starting your studies with us in September.

Can I study my full degree by e-learning now?

We do offer many online/e-learning courses, so if your course is normally delivered in this way that will continue to be the case. If your course is normally delivered face-to-face we will send you more information about how teaching will be delivered as we determine what will be included in terms of online and face-to-face.

Do I have a choice on how I begin my studies if campus is open business as usual from September?

Each subject area and specialisms have different requirements, sometimes this is because of accreditation or professional bodies. We’re considering these at present to put the appropriate plans in place and we expect to communicate these plans with you shortly.

If you have medical, health or other specific requirements for your studies you will need to get in touch with our Student Support team who can work with you on a study plan for the coming academic year.

Some of you may not be able to travel to the UK due to travel arrangements wherever you are in the world. Because we already deliver teaching in lots of different ways we are prepared for every eventuality. We are planning to use a blended approach of teaching in the new academic year. Please check your emails and this page for updates.

What will freshers/welcome week be like this year?

We can’t wait to welcome our new students in September. We know it’s important for you to get to know your surroundings and make friends in the early days of starting university. We are planning welcome week now and will be in touch with more information in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we have private Facebook groups for our applicants so you will be able to start chatting to other students. We imagine that this is going to be a great way to get to know the people on your course even before the course starts!

How will I make friends and meet my peers this September?

Every student thinks about making new friends when they start University, and the good news is, we are here to help! We’re planning for all our courses to start in September, although the delivery may look a little different this year you will be able to chat to peers and start to make friends. Our online platform is great for 1-1 and group chats, it’s a bit like your own social media channel, but for studying.

Before you start your course, we have private Facebook groups for our applicants so you will be able to begin chatting to other students! We imagine that this is going to be a great way to get to know the people on your course even before the course starts!

We are making plans for welcome week as September is only a few months away, this means we are exploring the best options to support you to make new friends and experience welcome week this year.

Can I still book my accommodation?

University accommodation bookings are open. There are limited spaces for certain room types, such as single en-suite rooms, so we recommend you book as soon as you can. Everyone who has accepted their UCLan offer will receive an email from us letting you know how to book your UCLan accommodation.

Will the number of people I’m allowed to share a flat with be impacted by COVID-19?

Your health and wellbeing is our utmost priority so we are considering how we can adopt social distancing, if we need to, within accommodation settings. We are putting our heads together on this at the minute and will update this page and people that have applied for accommodation as soon as we know more.

My course requires me to spend a lot of time on placement, how will this work if I’m studying remotely?

Because each course is different and some courses have very specific requirements for accreditation purposes and professional bodies, we are putting plans in place that mean you can continue your learning. We will be emailing all students about these arrangements so that you know exactly what to expect for your subject and course.

What safety measures will UCLan put in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19?

When we are back on campus we’re expecting to social distance, this will mean our students and staff are protected. Think of it a bit like going to the supermarket - sanitiser stations, floor markings and controls on the number of people in any given space.

Do I still need to apply for accommodation now, even if it is likely that the programme will start online?

Yes. University accommodation bookings are open. There are limited spaces for certain room types, such as single en-suite rooms, so we recommend you book as soon as you can. Our refund policy would ensure that you do not pay for the period you cannot inhabit your room.

Do you have special scholarships because of COVID-19?

All our standard scholarships and bursaries will continue to be offered for September 2020 entry. You can find out about these on our website.

My exams have been cancelled and I’m due to receive a grade from my college how is this calculated?

You will need to contact your School/College to get this information as it will depend on the qualification you have been studying for with them.

Will exams being cancelled have any impact on my application/UCLan offer?

We are keen to accept all students who have received an offer - we already think of you as part of the UCLan community!

If you haven’t received an offer don’t panic. We get a lot of applications and are processing them as quickly as we can. The cancellation of exams shouldn’t affect the offer we make you. Where appropriate, your School/College is working with Examining Bodies to confirm your grades and so we will be treating results day the same as if you had taken your exams.

We are keeping up to date with announcements from the Office for Students, OfQual, UCAS and the Government for UK students; and appropriate overseas bodies for our international applicants, to make sure we react quickly and get you the answers you need about your offer as soon as possible.

What is happening this September for International Students?

We are looking forward to growing our international student community in September. Due to the evolving nature of the current situation, we are planning how courses will be delivered, but we do know this may include a blend of digital and face-to-face delivery or the use of online learning either in the UK or in your home country. We are planning for all courses to start in September. Each course will be different, so we are working to confirm the arrangements for your course in the coming weeks and month - keep checking your email for updates.

You will be thinking about how this might impact visa arrangements and when we know definitively how we are delivering our course we will confirm these arrangements and what you need to do.

What if I want to defer?

We would encourage you to start your courses as planned. If we are in a similar position to today then what better use of your time than to get started with your studies. Although the delivery of courses may look a little different this year, we’re planning for all our courses to start in September. We know it’s an important part of your university experience to be in the UK and surrounded by other students and our knowledgeable academic team. So, we really hope that before too long we welcome you to our campuses to make the most of your UCLan experience.

What is the date of last enrolment?

We appreciate the additional challenges students are facing this year; and many of those challenges are beyond your control. For this reason we are allowing for a later date of arrival/enrolment in mid/late October.

However, please note that this year international students are required to enrol online – you will receive a direct email with detailed instructions on how to do this. It is important that you complete this exercise as soon as you are able to do so.

We are also expanding our portfolio of programmes with a January start so that we can offer as many alternatives as possible to those students who cannot arrive in time for the September start. We also have opportunities at our campus in Cyprus.

Can I complete Semester 1 online from my home country and come to the UK solely for Semester 2?

This will depend upon your chosen programme of study, and whether the academic team responsible for your course, believe that you can successfully complete your programme remotely during the first Semester. We are currently collating this information and we will be replying to those students with such queries, as quickly as possible.

If your programme of study requires physical attendance on campus, you will be required on campus by mid/late October – we will communicate the date dependent upon your programme of study. If the academic team believe you can successfully complete your Semester 1 online without attendance at the campus, you will be required to fully enrol by the mid/late October date that will be communicated to you.

What does “lockdown” in Preston mean for the University?

You may have seen in the UK news that there a locations around the UK that are taking extra precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19. The Government measures which have been put in place is to minimise social interactions where there are no health and safety measures in place to reduce infection. This essentially  means in private houses and gardens only. This does not affect a return to campus for students in September due to the procedures we have in place to ensure social distancing and reduced numbers on campus, so your teaching and learning will be managed in a carefully Covid-19 secure way.

We will introduce several new safety measures applicable to all campuses and campus users, to be effective from the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year. These measures are in full compliance with recent local restrictions implemented by the Government and relevant local authorities in the North of England and include the following:

  • We will reduce the number of people of campus, running at around a third of capacity;
  • Our Preston Campus will be open seven days a week to allow for a more flexible teaching timetable;
  • All students and staff will be provided with 2 reusable UCLan face coverings to be worn as much as possible;
  • Keep left systems, social distancing and hand sanitiser stations will be in place;
  • Extra cleaning of teaching, study and social spaces;
  • Controlled access to buildings with University identification cards;
  • Introduction of a ‘click and collect’ service for Library resources;
  • We will have safety ambassadors posted on site to help with messaging and to encourage social distancing;
  • Welcome Week will combine online and face-to-face activities where safe, with all students being given a designated half-day slot to attend their respective on-campus events;
  • Students arriving from other countries will be required to quarantine for 14 days if required and will receive additional support throughout.

Will I receive a tuition fee refund if I am unable to join my course in September? What happens to my deposit?

We will be delivering teaching for the new Academic Year in September. If you are unable to join us at UCLan in September due to COVID 19 restrictions, we will refund your deposit or you can defer to a later intake subject to our terms and conditions.

If you have already paid your deposit but not heard from us, don’t panic! We are working as normal but are experiencing a slight delay in processing so it might take a little longer than normal to get in touch with you.

How much and when do I pay my fees?

Tuition fee payments and costs remain the same. Please make sure you continue to make arrangements to pay your fees as you would normally. Should anything change we will let you know what you need to do.

What English Language tests are you accepting?

In view of the current circumstances, we have expanded our list of recognised English language qualifications for entry in September. Please visit your home country page, here you will see all the general qualifications we accept, but also if we accept any specific qualifications from your country, such as your High School certificate.

If you cannot meet any of the English language requirements  specified on our website, you may need to consider whether you are eligible for a Pre-Sessional English course already.

Are Pre-Sessional English courses still running?

We have recently moved our 6 and 10 week Pre-Sessional English course online. If you are resident in China, you may wish to contact our China Office for detail of an in-country Pre-Sessional English course we are offering.

How will the current situation affect my CAS and VISA application?

We hope to start CAS production this month, but we will continue to update applicants.

I’m an international student, my government is saying flights will be cancelled for the foreseeable future, how will this impact my studies if I can’t attend university in September?

Because we deliver teaching in lots of different ways we are planning for this scenario. We expect to make most of our teaching resources available online and offering online alternatives to lectures, seminars etc for people who need them. Please check your emails and this page for updates.

My results are delayed, what should I do?

We are currently monitoring the situation in all of our international markets and where academically possible, we will look for alternative assessment methods. Where this is not possible, we would ask students to defer their place until January 2021. If you have an individual specific concern please email us.

Can I still apply to start this September?

Applications are still open for this September and you can apply with or without your results. Once you have decided which course you want to study you will need to check the entry requirements for your country.  As some courses have limited places, we would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Can I transfer to UCLan from another University?

Yes, but first we will need to check what you have studied already and which course you are interested in at UCLan. If you want to join us you can apply online.

Can I study part-time?

Part-time study options are not available for international students due to visa requirements.

How will interviews work?

We are conducting interviews by skype or telephone where it is necessary for you to have an interview. We will be in touch to arrange this with you following receiving your application and an initial assessment of your suitability. Please wait to hear from us to arrange this.

When should I plan to arrive in the UK?

With our courses starting in September you should make plans to arrive in the UK as normal. We are monitoring travel arrangements and are in the process of confirming teaching arrangements for September so please keep checking your emails for pre-arrival information, advice and guidance.

How will this pandemic affect future internship and job opportunities for students in UCLan?

We are facing a global pandemic so we do not yet know how job prospects will be affected in the UK or around the world. We believe that the more experience, skills and knowledge graduates have the more employable they will be when the pandemic is over.

What does lockdown/quarantine mean in the UK?

Like much of the world we want to make sure we are safe, happy and healthy. So the UK is in a period of ‘lockdown/quarantine’ which means we are asked to stay at home unless we need to undertake key daily task such as shopping for essentials (like food), medicine or jobs that are critical care roles, such as nurses, doctors, supermarket staff or key workers in other disciplines.

We are hoping to be able to return to campus in the coming weeks and months, but we want to make sure our staff and student’s health and safety is taken care of. Therefore, we are looking at how we can return to campus and ‘social distance’ (which means staying 2 metres apart from other people) – this is quite a complex task so we want to make sure we get it right before we confirm our plans. We will of course keep all our applicants up to date on what we are planning for the start of the new academic year, so please keep checking your emails.

Deposit deadline extensions after 17th May?

The deposit deadline has been extended due to people experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19, the amended deadline is the 7th August.

How do I request a refund for my deposit because of COVID-19?

If you need to request a deposit refund as a result of COVID-19 you can do so by emailing If you are unable to join us at UCLan in September due to COVID 19 restrictions, we will refund your deposit or you can defer to a later intake subject to our terms and conditions.

Due to COVID-19, will the tuition fee instalment timeline change?

All payment options are outlined on our international student fees web page. Please read this information as it sets out the range of instalment options in relation to your chosen course and related fee costs.

Will there be any date changes for when I need to submit my outstanding documents?

Our courses will be starting in September and so you need to continue to submit your documents as originally planned. If you are having trouble securing any documentation due to COVID-19 please let us know by emailing

What happens to my offer if my exams are cancelled?

You might be wondering how exam cancellations will affect your place at university. We are making arrangements for all students affected by cancelled or postponed exams. Please keep checking your emails.

Should I send an email about my exams being cancelled?

We have been monitoring when applicants may be affected by exam cancellations in their country, and will be liaising with them individually about any cancellations.

Will entry requirements be affected because of COVID-19?

We are reviewing potential alternative entry requirements for those students whose exams have been cancelled because of COVID-19 and we will contact students directly once a decision has been made.

If I defer to September 2021, will there be enough spaces on my course?

If you defer your place to next year you will be guaranteed a place on the same course for September 2021, this is subject to your chosen course being scheduled for delivery in 2021.

If I cancel/defer September 2020 admission, will I get admission for January 2021?

Because our courses are starting in September, and not all courses offer a January start date, we strongly recommend that you take up your place for September as planned. All start dates are detailed on our course web pages.

Can I still apply for my visa if I get my results in August?

Yes, we would encourage you to have all of your visa paperwork and funds ready, this will mean you can make an immediate visa application upon receipt of your CAS. You cannot submit for your visa until you have received your CAS and you have the appropriate level of funds available in the appropriate bank account for UKVI purposes – full guidance is available on the website.

How does the current situation affect the deadline for accepting a postgraduate offer?

If you are have received an offer letter already, we will be extending the deposit deadline to 15 July and will confirm this by email where relevant. If you haven’t yet received an offer from us, don’t worry, the deposit deadline will automatically updated in your letter. The date of last CAS production is currently 31 August so please continue to plan ahead.

Will the University be able to continue to support and offer placement where it is possible for the employer/industry provider to do so

Where employers continue to offer placements and the University is reassured that appropriate safety measures are in place at the employer’s premises, students will be able to take up their placements.

Do I need to come 2 weeks early for the self-isolation period?

No, students are expected to be on campus for 14 September, for the start of our Welcome programme.

When is the latest I can defer?

Before requesting a deferral, we would advise you to consult the list of programmes with a January start. All programmes will be offered in September, but should you wish to defer, please make your request before we produce your CAS.

Where will I do my self-isolation?

For students who need to self-isolate, we will provide you with the support you need during this time including access to accommodation and assistance with daily living.

Does UCLan have any plans to reduce accommodation costs for at least the first year?

We do not have plans to reduce accommodation costs at present and are preparing to welcome students to their accommodation in September.

What is the current Covid situation in England?

The number of infections and deaths due to Covid-19 are now steadily decreasing in England.  Groups of up to 6 people from different households are able to meet up outside (2 metres apart) and all shops are now open with safety measures to keep people safe. It is planned that from 4 July most bars, restaurants and cafes will reopen.

In countries where lockdown is still enforced and there is an active travel ban, how do students from that country join the course in September?

If a travel bans remain in place in September, we would encourage students to defer their study plans until January 2021.

How late can students join their courses?

Currently we are allowing students to join their course up to three weeks after Welcome Week. Please be assured we are keeping all such dates under constant review.

Are there any plans for the University to charter planes to bring us to the UK?

The University is closely monitoring the availability of flights to the UK; and is in discussion with a number of other institutions and organisations about the possibility of chartering flights.

As my course is very practical based, what are the measures being taken by the University for delivery of clinical sessions in the field and in the laboratory, given the current pandemic situation?

Each academic School is putting measures in place for the safe delivery of their programmes. Full details will be available on each course page from 20 July.

I’m concerned about paying my fees whilst I’m not clear about what is happening in September.

In order for you to make an informed choice about your study, each academic School is putting measures in place for the safe delivery of their programmes. Please see details on the appropriate course page from 20 July.

Would we have the opportunity to take online classes from our home country, and then travel to UCLan in January 2021?

It is proposed that all programmes of study will begin in September and will contain some element of face to face delivery – being delivered in line with current government guidelines. We would therefore require students to be on campus in Preston in order to engage fully with the programme, and get the full student experience.

Will the University be offering chartered flights?

Most UK universities are investigating the possibility of working together to charter flights from certain destinations where there are a large number of students, however nothing has been finalised at the moment due to its complexity.

We continue to work with our colleagues in other UK institutions to assess the possibility, but we will only know if this is feasible nearer to the time of departure.  It is recommended that if there are flights available you book your own scheduled flight as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee this will be an option.

What is quarantine in the UK?

Quarantine in the UK is a period of self-isolation. If you are required to quarantine on arrival into the UK, upon arrival to the airport you will need to travel immediately to your registered address – you can do this by our airport collection service; private arrangement or public transport. Once at your registered address, you need to remain there for a period of 14 days without leaving your accommodation for any reason. UK authorities do have the permission to check that people are complying with this requirement, and there can be penalties.

Who has to go into quarantine?

This information is changing regularly, so check the UK Government website for the latest information.

Can I come to the UK early and does my quarantine before the start of term?

We do not need you to arrive earlier into the UK to start your course and you will still be able to learn online during your 14 days of quarantine. Students who arrive between 9 and 12 September (inclusive of these dates) can book onto UCLan airport collection service which means they will be collected and transported directly from the airport. You will be required to wear a face covering to travel so please make sure you bring one with you.

If you want to arrive earlier and are staying in UCLan accommodation you can do so from 1 September and you will only be charged from 13 September. If you plan to arrive into the UK and travel to Preston before 9 September, you must notify of your intention to do so, so we can ensure you receive adequate support during this period. If you are staying in a private house you will need to speak to your landlord about how much earlier you can arrive.

If I arrive in the UK early can I stay in University accommodation (even if I have not booked it for the remainder of the academic year)?

If you intend to arrive earlier you must, according to quarantine rules, go to your registered address of where you intend to stay longer term. Temporary accommodation for your quarantine period cannot be provided.

Will the University provide support during my quarantine period?

If you are living in UCLan accommodation, we will support you with your daily living needs to enable you to quarantine for 14 days. You will be required to order your food shopping online during the first two weeks. If in UCLan accommodation staff will be on hand to help deliver your online shopping food orders directly to your flat. Your learning will be online during this period, so you do not miss out on any aspects of your course.

If you are living in alternative accommodation you will need to make arrangements to get shopping delivered online as you will not be able to leave your accommodation for the first 14 days. We will provide you in advance of the details of supermarkets where online shopping can be ordered.

How do I get from the airport if I arrive outside of the airport collection dates?

Even if you have to quarantine on arrival into the UK, you are still able to travel to your registered address, either by public transport or by private taxi. You will be required to wear a face covering to travel on public transport in the UK so please make sure you bring one with you. There is a direct rail link between Manchester airport and Preston train station. Full details of the train services are available on our Welcome pages.

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We still have degree places available on a wide range of courses starting this September. So, if you haven't managed to secure a place at university yet, we're here to make the Clearing process easy and possible.

We still have degree places available on a wide range of courses starting this September. So, if you haven't managed to secure a place at university yet, we're here to make the Clearing process easy and possible.

Welcome & Arrival Info (Image)

Welcome & Arrival Info

Our Welcome pages provide a wealth of information, no matter what point in your University journey you are.

Our Welcome pages provide a wealth of information, no matter what point in your University journey you are.

Virtual tour (Image)

Virtual tour

If you're wondering what it's like to study at the University of Central Lancashire, join us on our tour of our Preston City Campus.

If you're wondering what it's like to study at the University of Central Lancashire, join us on our tour of our Preston City Campus.