Mike Eslea

Dr. MIke Eslea

Senior Lecturer

School of Psychology

+44 (0) 1772 89 3424


Subject Areas: Psychology

Mike is research active within the area of psychology. He is a member of the Forensic Research Group and the Health Psychology Research Group.

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Mike joined the School in 1996, having studied psychology as a mature student at Leeds, followed by a PhD on school bullying with Peter K Smith at Sheffield. Before that he worked as a "houseparent" in a residential school for boys with severe behaviour problems. He has also worked in mainstream schools as a special needs assistant.


BSc (Hons) Psychology (Leeds)
PhD Psychology (Sheffield)


Eslea, Mike J (2010) Direct and indirect bullying: which is more distressing? In: Indirect and direct aggression. Peter Lang, Frankfurt, pp. 69-84. ISBN 978-3-631-60028-3

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Mike's main research focus is aggression and anti-social behaviour among children, especially school bullying. He is also interested in alternative medicine and the placebo effect.


  • Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Psychology of Child Development
  • Module Leader for PS4020 Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Module Leader for PS4118 Social Relationships in Childhood
  • School Assessment Officer