• Archaeology

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The study of past societies is a hugely exciting, revealing endeavour which incorporates a wide range of skills and techniques that can also be applied to other areas of research.

Expertise and Subject Areas

Material Studies

We specialise in researching a range of different material culture forms. We have a number of specialists in skeletal remains, both human and animal. We also specialise in the study of taphonomy (the study of the conditions affecting the survival of material remains in the archaeological record). We have specialists in pottery, rock art and lithics.

Building a Medieval Tile Kiln
Fieldwalking in Kintyre (requires Flash)
Taphonomy of human remains
Interpersonal violence in the Neolithic
Goldsland caves excavations
Wayland's Smithy (requires Flash)

Archaeological Landscapes

Many of our research projects are landscape-based, with a particular focus on the archaeology of natural places. We have a number of projects investigating caves, a particular strength of our research cluster. Other projects are looking at the archaeological record across entire landscapes.

Neolithic of the Irish Sea zone
Avebury world heritage site
Goldsland caves excavations
Enculturating environments: the archaeology of interior south-central California
Neanderthal caves
Pontnewydd cave
Rock art of Karnataka, India
Southern Kintyre Project
Landscapes of Mortality

Public Engagement

We are committed to engaging the public in our research. Most of our projects have a public outreach agenda which encourages local communities to get involved with our excavation projects. We are also trying to highlight particular issues to the public, such as our ongoing 'Bones without Barriers' project which is highlighting and problematising the ways in which the public engage with human skeletal material.

Building a Medieval Tile Kiln
Bones without Barriers
Peel Park, Accrington Community Project: Social Dynamics of mid-20th Century Sport
The Archaeology of Nuclear Power
Sheltering Memory: The Prehistoric Use of Limestone Features in the Forest of Bowland
Excavations at Bank Hall
Fieldwalking in Kintyre (requires Flash)
Wayland's Smithy (requires Flash)
History of archaeology


UCLan staff run fieldwork projects at sites across the world. We have examined world famous archaeological sites including Avebury, Anglo-Saxon cemeteries in Britain and cave sites in California. We have current research projects investigating chambered tombs on Anglesey and Orkney, and we are also running a major project at Ribchester Roman fort.

With in-house expertise and excellent equipment, at UCLan we are able to specialise in researching a range of different material culture forms, including human and animal skeletal remains, taphonomy, pottery, rock art and lithics. We also have a full suite of geophysical equipment which enables us to investigate the archaeological record using non-intrusive methods.

In order to highlight different issues to a wider audience, public engagement is at the heart of everything we do. This includes our on-going Bryn Celli Ddu and Ribchester projects.

Dr Seren Griffiths has produced a video ‘Creating International Research Links’ which talks about her research at the passage tomb monument at Bryn Celli Ddu and at the Millfield Basin in Northumberland.  She also tells us about the international research links that she has developed, which resulted in her being invited to deliver the biannual Golson Lecture at the Australian National University in April 2018.

Courses and Postgraduate Study

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses delivered by excellent staff and offering hands on experience. Our resources are first rate enabling you to reach your full potential.

Undergraduate Courses

BSc (Hons) Archaeology
BSc (Hons) Archaeology and Anthropology

Postgraduate Courses

MSci Archaeology
MA Archaeology
MRes Archaeological Research


Archaeology Staff

Vicki Cummings
Reader in Archaeology

Rick Peterson
Senior Lecturer, Course Leader BSc Archaeology

David Robinson
Lecturer in Archaeology

Duncan Sayer
Reader in Archaeology

Jim Morris
Lecturer in Archaeology


Allison Card
Associate Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology

Patrick Randolph-Quinney
Reader in Biological and Forensic Anthropology